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    bad values from managed bean used in an other managed bean

    thierry baudouin Newbie


      i use two managed bean.
      The first is : RechercheLicBean, it is a bean where user put criteres on a search.
      all criteres are boolean attributes and they are initialized with true value

      the second bean: LicencieBean, it is a bean which display a list which each row is valide with criteres (first bean)

      So the secund bean use the first bean.
      I use this java code in my list method :

      public List getAllLicencie() throws Exception {
       FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
       RechercheLicBean recherchebean = (RechercheLicBean) fc.getApplication()

      Allattributes (criteres) contained in RechercheLicBean have bad values (attributes have false boolean values).

      The bean i retrieve is not the same i used before.

      the two bean have a scope session in faces-config.xml