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    how are session Ids allocated

    the dragon Newbie


      Can someone tell me how the logic for allocating session ids works?
      In my application the session id is not always the same for struts actions
      initiated from same client and this causes problems communicating session variables.
      The problem seems to be timing related. It is worse when using remote server with long ping times, but seems to go away when the reomote server is addressed by ip address.

      The problem rarely happens when server is 'close' - short ping time - but on rare occasions the id is different.



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          the dragon Newbie

          I know a little more about the problem, after a bit of experimentation.
          It has nothing to do with separate frames - same thing occurs when running from one frame.
          It is not necessarily caused by long ping times: On a server that consistently does not work, the same application works fine (session id is same for two different action classes) when I address the applicaiton using the server ip address instead of the DNS address.
          perhaps it is timing related?