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    Functionality missing in 4.0: Two instances-different root

    Guillermo Guisado Newbie

      I have an app that I used to install two instances of the same app in 2.4.4 with just enough changes to make it work on the same jboss, that is:
      application.xml : different <context-root>.
      ejbs: different datasource in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml and different jndi name in jndi-name jboss.xml.

      It worked fine.
      Now I try the same thing in 4.0 and it is loading the classes of the one application for the other. Same thing happens to jsps but worse... sometimes it uses its own jsp's and sommetimes it uses the othe application's. The problem is on both apps the classes are exactly the same the only thing that changes are descriptors

      Is this a bug of the classloader?

      Pleae let me know if you need more info.