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    tomcat as JSP template engine?

    Michael Zach Newbie

      Hello all,

      does anyone know of or even use some kind of JSP templating mechanism to generate static files?

      I thought it might be great to use JSPs as templates as one could generate stic files as well as use the JSPs for dynamic content in the future as well. And it has great things as (custom) taglibs, expression language etc.

      I was playing around with Velocity and Freemarker but ... well to be honest: I love JSPs ;o)

      What I found so far is http://javatemplates.sourceforge.net and http://jsptemplate.sourceforge.net but both seem a bit outdated already.
      Anyone is using these and maybe is trying to get them running with current tomcat?

      What I am also trying is using regular tomcat + wget to just pull content and save it into files. But then I still have the whole overhead of the servlet container which I do not really need with all its session and real world features ...

      TIA for any answers!