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    JSP paradigm versus Swing paradigm

    Simon Godden Newbie

      (If this is mis-posted, and should be in the J2EE patterns forum instead, apologies - tell me and I'l cross-post it).

      In my research, I am concentrating very much on coding web applications with a swing-like paradigm, using projects such as Echo (http://nextapp.com/products/echo) or WebOnSwing (http://webonswing.sourceforge.net/xoops)

      My rationale is that virtually no developer in their right mind wans to bother with a page-oriented paradigm, that requires separate development of pages, configuration of controller, etc. There are too many disparate elements to deal with in order to get the final product. In all my experience, this approach has led to very poor productivity and quality.

      What the Object-Oriented developer wants is to code object-oriented code, develop rich and elegant frameworks using inheritance, interfaces and the OOpatterns we are all so familiar with. Using Echo, we have implemented this approach, and productivity and quality has gone through the roof.

      I am interested in other people's point of view here. Am I missing the point somehow? Why would anyone recommend the page-oriented approach for anything other than the static text display that HTML was originally designed for?

      Am I making a mistake and architecting myself down any blind alleys?

      Flame me.