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    Serving up huge numbers of files

    Matt Corey Newbie

      I am attempting to use JBoss to serve up a huge number of files, and I'm having some difficulty. Before suggesting that I use Apache, or something other than JBoss, let me say that the reason for using JBoss is to take advantage of its' built-in authentication and security features -- I'm able to secure my files without needing any extra modules or custom code, so it made things very easy -- up until now.

      The way I have this configured is that I have a war file in my deploy directory that has a symlink pointing to the directory that contains all my files (in a fairly complex directory tree structure). I've got the basic symlink stuff working fine, so that's not the problem... the problem happens when I start JBoss -- it takes forever to start (I'm still waiting) for some reason, leaving JBoss pretty much unusable... it's almost as if it's scanning the entire directory structure for some reason, which in this case would be a very bad thing...

      Any ideas?