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    JSP page can't find servlet

    mike beeby Newbie


      I'm building a simple login web app with EJBs, but my initial login page cannot find the loginservlet. As a newbie I'm also not sure where the loginservlet directory is that the login.jsp should be looking for. Do I specify the directory that the loginservlet.java file is in, or the directory that the loginservlet.class file is? And where does the login.jsp page begin looking, the location that I specify for the loginservlet in the web.xml file, or in the location specified in the Action form part of the login.jsp? I'm guessing that the two locations should be equivalent relatively speaking, but my loginservlet.java file is in the C:\myapp\Servlet directory, but Ant puts the generated class file in the following directory of the war file: ...\WEB-INF\classes\myapp. Should I change this to ...\WEB-INF\classes\Servlet\myapp.

      Thanks for any help.