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    j_uri support ?

    ionel Newbie

      Following a thread started on the Security/JAAS forum,
      i'd like to know how to add a valve to a dynamicaly deployed application.

      I tried this :

      public class FormRedirectAuthenticator extends FormAuthenticator {
       public boolean authenticate(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response,
       LoginConfig arg2) throws IOException {
       boolean formOk = super.authenticate(request, response, arg2);
       if (formOk) {
       System.out.println("Performing changes ...");
       return formOk;

      Unfortunatly, I found no way to add it 'dynamicaly' to my exploded .war directory.

      Two questions :
      1/ may this valve worked if I find a way to add it ?
      2/ how to add a Valve on a 'per-dynamic context' ?