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    How to force deletion of compiled JSPs on redeploy?

    Patrick Mcgoohan Newbie

      Let's say that I've deployed foo.jsp and hit it in the web browser, causing it to be compiled. Now let's say that I change a method that foo.jsp calls, but do not changed foo.jsp itself. This can happen if the method being called looked like this:


      And I change it to this:


      java.util.Date is the parent class and so there is no need to change anything within foo.jsp. I repackage and redeploy foo.jsp, hit it in the web browser, and get a NoSuchMethodFound exception. The reason (I think) is because foo.jsp has not changed, and so jboss doesn't think it needs to recompile the JSP. But it *does* need to recompile it. If I simply add some whitespace to foo.jsp, then repack/redeploy, everything works fine because jboss thinks that the JSP has changed and recompiles.

      Is there a way I can make jboss discard all its compiled JSPs on redeploy?