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    A trouble with support component

    Alexander Belov Novice

      I am using the following:

      <a4j:support event="onchangefocus" reRender=":detailTableDiv" limitToList="true" action="#{masterDetailTableBean.readDetailData}"
      ignoreDupResponses="true" eventsQueue="masterTableQueue"/>

      The parent component is custom UIData component, which have atribute onchangefocus.

      Ajax request goes to server. get-methods are called. But response contains no components. It contains scripts and link to stylesheets. The body is:

      <body><div xmlns:rich="http://richfaces.ajax4jsf.org/rich"></div><meta name="Ajax-Update-Ids" content="" /><span id="ajax-update-ids"><input type="hidden" name="jsf_sequence" value="1" /><input type="hidden" name="javax.faces.ViewState" id="javax.faces.ViewState" value="j_id3:j_id8" /></span><meta id="Ajax-Response" name="Ajax-Response" content="true" /></body></html>

      You see, it contains nothing.

      log component shows error: error[...]: New node for ID :detailTableDiv is not present in response

      To tell the truth I don't know there error may be.

      Can anybody help me?

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          Alexander Belov Novice

          I found the error.

          Event onchangefocus is on the in my implementation. support component renders:

          A4J.AJAX.Submit('include:masterDetailTableTable:j_id74','include:masterDetailTableTable',event,{'eventsQueue':'masterTableQueue','parameters':{'include:masterDetailTableTable:masterTableId:1:supportDetailUpdate':'include:masterDetailTableTable:masterTableId:1:supportDetailUpdate'} ,'actionUrl':'/KE/menuTemplate.jsf','ignoreDupResponses':true,'affected':['include:masterDetailTableTable:detailTableDiv'] } )

          The proble is in


          Client id of support component is

          Implementation of dataTable (JSF RI 1.2_04 p1) on getClientId() return client id of the table and number of string.

          Support component calls getClientId(), and there is a trouble.

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            Alexander Belov Novice

            I resolved this problem by redefining of getClientId() method of custom table component. But I think that it is a big problem for people, which use standart UIData component.

            Can the problem be resolved by developers of ajax4jsf?