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    looking for direction - non-java client to post xml over htt

    Jay Gunderson Newbie

      Could someone please provide direction to me on how to have a non-java client program such as MS Access or c++ or whatever post an xml over http to a JSP running in jboss? My need is for the client to create the xml, then POST the entire xml over http to the URL which is the JSP. From what I understand most clients (my proof-of-concept will start with MS Access) have the ability to POST the xml. Then the JSP could do a request.getReader() to receive the xml, parse it, use certain values from it, then create the html which goes back to the browser.
      This is not xml to xml type WSDL web service. My purpose is to be able to say to any client, "if you can create an xml transaction and post it to a URL, then you can use my service"
      Is this even possible?
      Might someone have some direction or sample or ideas on this?
      Thanks so much,