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    rich:modalPanel parameter issue

    Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice


      I am trying to use a rich:modalPanel for some process in my application; i need to execute an action to set some parameter values prior to open the rich:modalPanel

      Right now i am doing this in two steps i mean i first select the record i want to work with an later open the panel; but i need to change it to do both things when i click a commandLink

      I am using something like this:

      <h:outputLink id="closePanelOutputlink" value="javascript:Richfaces.showModalPanel('pedidoModalPanel',{width:500,height:500})" >

      I've been trying to do it with a a4j:commandLink that performs the necesary actions and then, in the oncomplete calls the showModalPanel but it tells me that the function does not exists

      Also i've been trying to work with a <f:param> in the outputLink with no results; also i've tryed to add a <h:commandLink> with <f:param> and <a4j:support> but no success either

      What could be a good way to achieve this ??