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    Problem retrieving POST method sent data

    Stanislav Gardon Newbie


      My problem: I need to process a HTML form. When I send it by GET method, I can access request parameters without problems. But when I send it by POST, request.getParameter(parameterName) always returns null. Where can be the problem? Thanks for any ideas.

      Regards, Stan

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          Geoff Seel Newbie

          How are you sending parameters? In general GET expects parameters in the URL string whilst POST expects them in the body of the request, e.g. as fields within a FORM.

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            Lea Atkins Newbie


            I have the same problem GET works fine POST doesn't I tried changing the encoding type on the form but still no joy. Have you managed to get a FORM with a POST to submit all data correctly. Here is my mickey mouse code below which works fine a GET but not POST.

            <form method="POST" name="htmlForm" action="paramtest" enctype="text/plain">
             <input type="text" name="hello" value="x"/>
             <td class="tablebody" align="center" colspan="6">
             <input type="image" name="Save" src="/intranet/common/images/savebutton.gif" width="60" height="20">

            Any help greatly appreciated