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    after running jboss application on console, when trying to o

    Tejinder Rawat Newbie

      hello all,
      i am having jboss 4.0 version which was working fine, but after i deployed my application based on entity beans, and then tried to run the jboss home page http://loclhost:8080/, it is giving the error message the page can not be displayed.

      But at the initial stages, this was all working.

      the files in which i have made some modifications are log4j.xml,login-config.xml and other required for database database configuration.

      can any one suggest me is it happening due to my configuration changes or due to some other reason.

      i even tried the thing with new installation of jboss on my pc, but the problem is now coming even with the new installation without application being deployed.

      can anybody please help me.