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    UnsatisfiedLink Error

    ketan shah Newbie

      i am developing web application using java.
      i am using ant builder for build the java project.
      i am creating .ear file through ant build.xml and deploy this .ear file on jboss application server.
      for running some java program i have to use shared library...so at run time i have to pass
      java.library.path = path/of/shared/lib/libdb_java-4.3.so
      this libdb_java-4.3.so is shared library and it resides on linux server where jboss is installed.
      After deploying .ear file on jboss server..
      when end-user running this application through browser(from windows operating system), how pass the
      java -Djava.library.path for getting shared library...

      otherwise program terminated with
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no db_java-4.3 in java.library.path

      while generating .ear file through ant builder..
      i am just compile the classs which includes .jar file in classpath.

      if i run the program on linux server by giving command
      java -Djava.library.path=path/of/shared lib/libdb_java-4.3.so programName.class it works
      Is any setting on jboss server..or where to put shared library on jboss directory structure...
      pl. guide me...
      Thanks in advanced..