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    Cookie Issue with latest JBoss/TC Bundle

    homer homer Newbie

      We just upgraded from JBoss 4.0.0/TC to JBoss 4.0.2/TC (JDK 1.5).

      We noticed a strange issue in the new version where whenever we set a cookie with a value that had a space in it the value is store with double quotes around the value. This was not the case with the previous version.

      For example we set a cookie like this:

      c = new Cookie("c_name", "Test value");

      If we look at the cookie we see:
      "Test value"

      A problem arrises when we go to read that value with cookie.getValue(). The value that is returned actually has the quotes in it.

      So, cookie.getValue on the cookie from the above example would return \"Test value\"

      Is this a known issue? Something we are not doing properly? Workarounds?