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    JBoss 3.2.3, Tomcat 5, and <Context>

    Michael Remijan Newbie

      Ok, I've searched through the forum but haven't been able to find an answer that works for me.
      I'm trying to see if JBoss/Tomcat can read the standard Tomcat external < Context > file.
      So far I haven't had any success. This is what I'm trying. I define a simple parameter in the < Context > file:

      < Parameter name="mikeycontext" value="mikeycontext" / >

      I then have a simple test.jsp page trying to get the value:

      < %= pageContext.getServletContext().getInitParameter("mikeycontext") % >

      So far whatever I do I always get null. From this I'm concluding the < Context > file is not being read.

      I have the webapp in an ear and the application.xml file defines the module:

      < module >
      < web >
      < web-uri >jgallery.war< /web-uri >
      < context-root >/jgallery< /context-root >
      < /web >
      < /module >

      Now I've tried putting the < Context > file in many different places:


      and no matter what I do the result is the same. The test.jsp page alwasy returns null. Can someone help me out?