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    [Suggest]Optional PreCompile JSP in war file.

    hkdennis2k Newbie

      I have an idea on precompile jsp files and jboss. Please comment, Is it possible to implement.

      WarDeployer extract the war into tmp folder, and then tomcat do compiled jsp into work folder.

      Then, is it possible we skip the compile step, and extract precompiled classes into work folder?

      1. pre-compile the jsp in servlet classes

      2. write the classes path, compiler version and metadata into jboss xml file

      3. make a WAR package file.

      4. When deploy into jboss.
      WARDEPLOYER will read the xml,
      and check the jsp compiler vendor is match, runtime compatible.

      5. expends the jsp classes DIRECTLY into "work" folder

      6. If the current jspc engine is update then which do precompiled, then we can do background compile on request for jsp files.

      a. JSP are working immediacy.
      b. Don't like put the classes into web-inf/classes
      We can disable it by configuration on jboss server without modify the WAR file.
      c. No editing in web.xml.
      So, using others web container/jsp compiler to compile jsp still available(just ignore precompile classes).
      d. The recompile by update/touching jsp files(in tmp folder) still availiable.

      WAR file become bigger.
      Will have any security problem??
      (Please forgive my bad english)