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    Blocking threads or deadlock


      I have a j2ee web application running on JBoss 4.0.1sp1 with Apache 2 and mod_jk 1.2.6.
      From time to time there are requests (usually pairs within one session), which seem to block each other. They are always 'long' requests for images or documents, which are triggered from the same html page, so they occur within one or two milliseconds. According to the apache log the requests are both finished with 200, but in the JBoss web-console the are still there in state 'service' - until JBoss is restarted, restarting Apache/mod_jk does not help. At the same time the CPU goes to 98%. The application has no error, nothing appears in the JBoss log, but everything looks like a deadlock.
      We are using a Dell rack with Xeon 2.8 with 1024kb Cache (64 bit intern),
      Suse 9.2x-64 and JRockit 1.5. Jboss is configured as cluster, although there is only one machine - we need that for cache invalidation and later extensions.

      Does anybody have an idea?