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    Testing DB and other connections

    Venkat paramatmuni Newbie

      We have around 100's of applications deployed in Weblogic 5.1.
      We are planning to migrate it to JBoss in the coming week.
      After i migrate i wanted to know is there any simple way to check all my DB Connections,LDAP connections and any other configurations with external systems are fine.
      We have a plan for checking each application by logging in is but it is time consuming.Is there any simple way to check from Admin console or some thing else?

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          Stefan Schmidt Newbie

          How could the admin console know about problems with your application if the application did not yet execute?

          Besides watching the server logs carefully while deploying and running, there's no way around testing every single application to ensure that it still as expected.

          And, by any means, testing hundreds of applications *must* be automated as far as possible.