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    Session activation / passivation disabled in ClusteredSessio

    Daniel Murygin Newbie


      is there a special reason for disabling session activation / passivation in org.jboss.web.tomcat.tc5.session.ClusteredSession of JBoss 4.* and 3.2.7 or is this just a todo task?

      the methods activate() and passivate() which overrides methods from org.apache.catalina.session.StandartSession are empty. There is only a TODO comment: "//TODO. We don't do this now."

      StandartSession executes sessionDidActivate(HttpSessionEvent se) and sessionWillPassivate(HttpSessionEvent se) of javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionActivationListener in the HttpSession.

      I had attributes in the Session which implements HttpSessionActivationListener, but they were not executed on session activation and passivation. In Jboss no HttpSessionActivationListener is executed because ClusteredSession overrides these methods.

      I changed ClusteredSession, called super.* in activate and passivate and rebuilded tomcat55-service.jar. HttpSessionActivationListener are executed afterwards.