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    JSF using Jboss Container security?

    darren hartford Expert

      Hey all,
      I've been working with JavaStudioCreator/JSF and have come across this problem late in development - how to use container-based security with JSF?

      The actual business problem is two parts -

      1. I would like to secure pages by roles (web.xml), and be able to disable buttons based on authenticated roles (i.e. retrieve roles and use in JSF).

      2. I would like to be able to e-mail out secure links with attributes (such as https://server/faces/secure/getdataonthispage?id=7) that the user clicks on the link, goes to the authentication page, and then is immediately sent to the requested link.

      If this is not the correct forum, please let me know where to post these questions :-)

      thanks, and nice job on Jboss 4.0.3! I was hoping JbossFaces already takes care of these problems, just let me know where to look for examples if it does!