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    Spaces are reduced in ajax responses

    Michael Heinen Newbie

      I have a selectManyCheckbox with a f:selectItems tag inside.
      Some of the SelectItems have spaces in their ids (value attribute).
      e.g. value="Two Spaces" or value="Three Spaces".
      These values are rendered correctly in Non-Ajax requests.

      If these tags are rendered via Ajax then the Spaces are reduced to single spaces.
      e.g. value="Two Spaces" or value="Three Spaces".

      This means that following submissions fail because the values with the single spaces are not found during processValidations.
      A validation error occurs saying "Value is not a valid option".
      This happens also for other attributes like titles.

      Is this caused by the ajax4jsf Filter ?
      My web.xml contains this definition:

      <display-name>Ajax4jsf Filter</display-name>

      I use:
      - a4j 1.1.0
      - myFaces 1.1.5
      - tomahawk 1.1.5