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    Custom Tag Pooling

    Shawn Garbett Newbie

      I've got several J2EE applications which rely on a set of shared taglibs. Tomcat 5.5 supports custom tag pooling, and this works fine. We've got a build script which completely assembles JBoss and configuration files from Subversion and runs automated tests. The problem is for developers, when the shared taglib needs changed, it refuses to use the new one. Even if I completely delete every class and java file that the custom tag library creates in the work and tmp directories, the old library resurrects itself upon hitting the page again.

      Any ideas on how to publish an updated shared taglib? I have to solve this before the system rolls to production.


      P.S. I posted this to the wrong forum yesterday, sorry about the cross-post.

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          Shawn Garbett Newbie

          I just solved this problem.

          server/your_conf/tmp/deploy> touch *ear-contents/*.war/*.jsp

          This forces all the jsp's to recompile, overkill but easy and effective. Tomcat recently added the custom tag pooling and it doesn't seem to pick up on the fact that the master copy changes it needs to recompile all it's dependent jsps.