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    JBoss4.0.x getRequestURI Return Different Result from 3.2.x

    psupawa Newbie

      Normally I will check current page using command request.getRequestURI() to process something. But in JBoss version 4.0.1, it doesn't return current page. See example below result from two version.

      Boss 3.2.3
      16:41:08,437 INFO [STDOUT] request.getRequestURL()=http://localhost:8080/hit/login.jsp
      16:41:08,437 INFO [STDOUT] request.getRequestURI()=/hit/login.jsp

      JBoss 4.0.1
      16:43:33,125 INFO [STDOUT] request.getRequestURL()=http://localhost:8080/hit/
      16:43:33,125 INFO [STDOUT] request.getRequestURI()=/hit/

      Does anyone know how to get current page in 4.0.x?