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    servlet-mapping and excel/msie

    Tom Zschockelt Newbie


      i've tried the following :

      ( env : jboss-4.0.3 )

      In a testapplication I create excel files dynamically with hssf and
      pdf's with itext with help of servlets ( Excel1Servlet, PdfServlet ):

      These servlets should now mapped to url ( access through https ) :

      "http://myserver:8080/myapp/secured/servlets/" or

      I've done this by correct entries in web.xml.

      But : when calling the site with mozilla the ExcelSheet or Pdf-File are shown

      when calling the site with msie there is an error like this ( after using the open-file dialogbox ):

      https://myserver/myapp/secured/servlets/Excel1 cannot be opened

      What's wrong ?

      Thanks in advance