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    pros and cons of using eventsQueue attribute

    Monika Adamczyk Newbie

      Most if not all ajax4jsf components have eventsQueue attribute.
      I have found some information on its purpose and how to use it, but before I add it to my code, I would like to find out if there is negative impact of using it.
      First off all, where does the queue resides - client browser or server and what is its scope?
      If , e.g. I used the same name of the queue on multiple pages (could be done my mistake, multiple developers would pick the same name), would the same queue be shared between this pages.
      Our application uses Seam. Does this affects the usage of the queue?

      Basically I want to make sure that use of this attribute is not going to affect adversely the performance of the application and be aware of potential problems.

      If there is documentation or articles that already provide more information on this subject, please point me to them, otherwise I would appreciate if someone could respond to my inquiry.