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    Reading image outside webapp contextpath??

    Marc Roy Olsen Newbie

      I'm making a project that makes a picture gallery that has to be accessible throw web, wap, webdav and file sharing. The project consisting of a ejb backend and struts frontend(using velocity as presentation).
      I have made the EJB backend so that each dir with pictures in has a xml file contaning all the pictures file address, thumbnail file address, a wapnail file address and a name.

      Now my problem is in the sturts frontend, when I what to show the gallery. Tomcat will not show the picture because it is outside me webapp contextpath.
      How do I make tomcat look in this "shared" dir where I got me pic?
      Or do I have to do it in a other way?

      This is my html:

      <img src="C:/ProjectGallery/web/testGallery/webthumb/T_billed4.jpeg" alt="C:/ProjectGallery/web/testGallery/webthumb/T_billed4.jpeg" >

      If this is the wrong forum then pls let me know so that I can post in the right place.

      Thank you all very much ;-)