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    Custom 404 page problems

    abditus Newbie

      I've just brought over a jsp application from Tomcat 4.1.31 to JBoss 4.0.2. Everything looks okay except the custom 404 page. The 404 page (/resources/error404.jsp) displays as expected, but it says something like:

      The page you requested http://myserver/resources/error404.jsp could not be found.

      instead of:

      The page you requested http://myserver/something_nonexistent.jsp could not be found.

      The above renders from the following:

      The page you requested <i><%= request.getRequestURL().toString() %> could not be found.

      My web.xml is set up with the following:


      Other differences are the application is now a .war file and there are now other virtual hosts running under server.xml (but my app is under the default <Host name="localhost" ... )

      Is "request.getRequestURL().toString()" no longer a valid way to get the missing page in a 404.jsp? Are there alternative ways of doing this within a jsp? Perhaps I'm missing some configuration?

      Any help/ideas would be appreciated.