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    HttpSession gets generated again and again!!

    kourosh bagheri Newbie


      I'm working with JBoss (4.0.3), EJB 3.0 and JSP.

      I have developed a petsore web application, with ejb 3.0 and jsp.
      I have some entities and session beans (one stateful for a cart and theothers are stateless), one servlet and and 5 jsp pages.

      If I invoke the app with the network IP address (with this call:

      everything is working fine, but if I do it like this:


      the httpSession is getting generated again and again; everytime when my controller Servlet is invoked!

      First I thought, that cookies are disabled, but they were NOT!

      Nevertheless, I reprogramed the application:
      I rewrote every Hyperlink in the jsp files tho this style:
      But the session becomes generated again and again!

      Can someone - please - tell me, what I'm doing wrong?