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    Referencing EJBs deployed in cluster

    Rob Horn Newbie

      Firstly - the previous post truncated the subject line so please ignore it and sorry about that.

      What I am trying to find is documentation / advice on how to configure an ejb-ref to specify an EJB hosted on a cluster.



      Simply using jnp://host:port/..... does not suffice as the host in question may not be available. How do you use HAJNDI or specify multiple hosts - or am I barking up the wrong tree?

      I have tried using java.naming.provider.url=host1:1100,host2:1100,localhost:1099 in the server/conf/jndi.properties file - and whilst this has the desired affect - it also causes NamingExceptions (NameAlreadyBound) when starting up the instance hosting the web application. I am assuming that this is because the instance being started is attempting to register resources/services onto the cluster's HAJNDI tree?

      Any help will be much appreciated.