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    Using two different application servers

    Daniel Oliveira Newbie

      Hi, all...

      I have an application running as follow:
      - operational system: Linux Red Hat 9
      - application server: ID Linux application server for Red Hat 9
      - WEB server: HTTPD Apache

      This application validates and updates a database (Firebird 1.02).

      I would like to develop a new module for this application using:
      - application server: JBOSS 4
      - WEB server: Tomcat 5
      - EJBs

      It will also update the same database (Firebird 1.02).

      In this way, I would like to know:
      Could JBOSS work with a different application server, on the same machine, or there is any constraint to use both simultaneously?! I mean, could it generate any kind of conflict between them?

      Thanks in advance,