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    Managing the embedded Tomcat.

    Shaun Erickson Newbie

      Forgive me, if I sound nieve - I'm just a poor sysadmin who uses neither JBoss or Tomcat, but has to install them for my developers. :)

      I've downloaded the binary distribution of JBoss and my developers are very happy with it. We've been using a standalone Tomcat for another application than the one JBoss was installed for, and we thought we'd get rid of the standalone copy and use the embedded one for this application too. The developer of that app is used to managing the standalone tomcat through it's manager interface. We can't seem to find that interface to Tomcat, in the JBoss installation (or if it's there, we don't know how to access it).

      How do we manage the embedded tomcat like we did the standalone version?