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    Integrating a web app (tomcat) into currently running ejb ap

    arvind maheshwari Newbie

      Hi All

      The topic might seem wiered ....but this is what i need more information on ...i had a tomcat web (war) application running and also deployed an ear application in jboss both using the same DB. While running the tomcat application we made use of the dbcp connection pooling mechanism using context.xml we used to fetch the intial context. And in jboss application we are using it (initial context) by jndi mechanism. I am trying to include the tomcat application into the jboss application (made the proper directory structure and evrything) the problem we are getting is during connection pooling. Since both these application uses different connection pooling mechanism. I added the connection pooling references for my tomcat application in web.xml and jboss-web.xml....but able to setup the pool for my ear/jboss application only.

      Is there some other method (xml) file where i need to make an entry so that i am able to use my tomcat application as is.

      Are there any other possibilities or i am doing something wrong somewhere.

      Help me out...please.