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    SSO problems with JBoss 3.2.3

    Niraj Patel Newbie


      I have a problem whereby if the user logs into my webapp (via JAAS) and leaves his session to timeout, the SSO id gets de-reistered and the session is destroyed.

      But when he then clicks on a link in the browser i.e. Save/Publish/rollback type thing, then he gets sent to the login page. But as soon as he tries to log back into the system, with JAAS being successful, is directing him towards the action he requested and not the post-login action.

      Does anyone know how I can overwrite this, so everytime he goes to the login page and is successful with JAAS, they always access the post-login resrouce?!?!

      My gaffa is busting my balls so all help is appreciated.

      Cheers in advance.