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    How do i deploy an applet on jboss?

    gal baron Newbie


      Im trying to deploy an applet on jboss. i create war file with the html file and the applet class and put it in the deploy jboss directory.
      but i cant upload the applet through the browser...
      can somebody help me with this problem?


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          Thomas Guenter Newbie

          Hi galbar,

          check the value of the codebase parameter in your html page's applet tag. This must point to the location of your applet jar file using the correct application context, e.g.

          War file: yourapp.war
          Context: yourapp
          Location of the jar file in yourapp.war: lib/yourapplet.jar
          codebase: http://yourhost:yourport/yourapp/lib
          archive: yourapplet.jar

          Check also if you use localhost in your codebase url. This may cause loading problems due to security settings of your browser configuration. You must use the correct hostname or IP address in this url instead.