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    enabling session serialization?

    Chris Cheshire Newbie

      I see topics with people asking how to disable session serialization, but I can't get it enabled to start with.

      I have previously deployed apps under tomcat standalone without any serialization issues, but now I am attempting to write new apps with struts and deploy them under jboss.

      I have a very simple one right now that stores a string in the session which is then displayed by a jsp after the servlet completes. This works fine until jboss is restarted or the war redeployed (via the web console).

      The war file is deployed under the jbossweb-tomcat55.sar directory.

      How do I configure session persistence? I don't have any clustering, not using session beans or anything right now. I just want plain session serialization for a vanilla app running under jboss+tomcat.