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    Modifying web.xml of a running webapp

    Ciaran Tuohy Newbie


      We'd like to be able to change the web.xml properties of a running webapp though the console. e.g. change session-timeout, change env-entry values etc.

      Are any properties in the web.xml of an app exposed through either the JMX-Console or Web-Console?

      If not, is it possible to modify the actual web.xml text contents of a running webapp though the consoles? The MBean jboss.web:...j2eeType=WebModule,name=//localhost/MyApp has a read/write parameter called deploymentDescriptor which displays the web.xml contents. However the editable text box only displays a few characters of the XML with the rest of the doc displayed outside it in non editable form and with its formatting lost (it's just one big string with no <s and >s etc).

      I've also tried modifying the web.xml file in the webapp's exploded directory under the tmp\deploy\tmp***MyApp, however JBoss doesn't pick the changes up unless you force it to reload the app. Is there a way of getting JBoss to automatically do this?

      Thanks in advance for any help,