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    Exception in connector.CoyoteAdapter  getting java.lang.OutO

    Dipen Kamdar Newbie

      We are getting the following error on one of our application servers.

      connector.CoyoteAdapter - - An exception or error occurred in the container during the request processing java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

      We are running 2 application servers same application running on both servers, they are evenly balanced, one of the application servers is getting the out of memory error and the other is not getting any errors. We only run simple web applications, no EJBs etc. Both application servers have been allocated 512mb of memory, the physical server has 1gig of memory. We are planning on bumping up the memory of Jboss process however, I don't think that is the actual problem. These servers have been running for about 6 months, this problem happens from time to time. We are running on Windows and while we are getting OutOfMemory errors in the JBoss logs (several per minute), the JBoss service process stays steady at around 375mb and the JBoss Web console shows Free memory consistantly between 160mb and 200mb so we are not sure why JBoss thinks it is out of memory. Also, in between our OutOfMemory errors, we do see successful user requests being processed.

      If anybody can provide some information on what could be causing this, or even what we should research more, that would be greatly appreciated.