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    Problem accessing servlets

    steve hassan Newbie


      i have installed jboss on many client machines with much success, but now i have encountered a strange problem with a particular customers machine.

      in their installation i am running Jboss-3.2.1 Tomcat-4.1.24.zip and Mysql 4.0.17. tomcat is bound to the machine's raw ip address on port 80.

      the server starts up fine and i can access the main html page. the problem happens when i try to access any jsp page or servlet. i eventually get page cannot be displayed, it does not seem to depend on the browser, all http connections to any servlet
      simply time out. in /work jsp's are compiled fine, there are no server errors, and none of the servlet pages show up as being accessed in the localhost logs, not surprisingly.

      it's windows 2003 service pack1. i have checked their firewall settings and there is none on the machine itself. there is a proxy server for outside connections but it can be bypassed locally. there is nothing else actually running on the machine, no virus or backup or spyware processes i can find.