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    Virtual hosting

    Frank LaRosa Newbie


      I've been trying to set up virtual hosting following the instructions from the Wiki as well as some other information I found online, but I'm having only marginal success.

      What's not clear to me is which name has to match the DNS name of the incoming request - is it the "name" attribute of the Host element in the server.xml file, the contents of the Alias element, or the contents of the virtual-host element in jboss-web.xml? Which name from server.xml must match the name in jboss-web.xml?

      Can there be multiple Alias elements inside the Host element or multiple virtual-host elements inside the jboss-web element?

      How do I configure it (or can I configure it) so that several alternate DNS names (e.g. "mysite.com" and "www.mysite.com") map to the same web application?