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    How to use Tomcat 5.5.12 as web client and JBoss 4.0.3 EJB a

    Sony George Newbie

      Hello all

      i am a novice in Ejb and now i have to work on Jboss ,
      so when i looked in the docs and also considering my needs i came up with
      a couple of doubts. first i will write down here what i have understood.

      Tomcat is HTTP server and JBoss is application server.
      Jboss use tomcat as its http server

      if this is correct then what i want is

      i don't need the http server of Jboss.
      i want to disable or stop it or don't want use jboss's http service

      i want to use stand alone tomcat5.5.12 from apache for me, to be used as client

      in a simple way
      i want to connect from tomcat on port 8080 at computer A
      and tomcat on port 8080 at computer B
      Jboss on port 9090 that is installed on Computer C

      what should i do for this ???
      please provide your valuable comments

      thanking all

      Sony George