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    CSS Serving strange behaviour

    aidan davis Newbie

      I'm trying to do a standard include of a css file and am hitting problems.

      My css file is located within the web app and is visible through windows file explorer (and contains the correct content) when the app is built.

      However if I try to hit the css url (either directly or through a ), a file download box appears initially however windows then says that the file does not exist......

      If i right click on the file link from the directory containing it (in IE) and go to Save Target As, it allows me to save the css file (but takes its time doing so).

      Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

      For the record I'm using JBOSS AS 4.03SP1 with Struts Tiles 1.28

      I'm really stumped here so any help would be appreciated, Thanks!