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    jsp precompilation and deployment

    penumutchu Newbie

      Hi all

      I am using JBOSS app server(uses tomcat as web server) and have more than 150 jsp's in my application. To improve the performance i want to precompile the jsp's at the builb time and deploy to the server. Using the jspC ant task i can precompile the pages but how and where to deploy them to the server. Also how do i stop the server from compiling the jsp's when requested and use the precompiled jsp's deployed to the server.

      I dont want to use the xxx.jsp?precompile approach as i want to precompile at build time and deploy only the compiled classes to the server.

      One approach is to configure the web.xml as


      Also i am using spring framework so web.xml doesn't contain the jsp entries instead they are a part of the springservlet.xml file
      Is there any other approach that i can take