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    isapi redirector issues,  we are getting 'close connection'

    phil coons Newbie

      As long as we send back less than 2070 bytes of data, our isapi redirector seems to return everything, but over that, and we get truncated data.
      The isapi log shows the response first being a 'close connection' followed by the 2070 bytes of data. It looks like the backend system needs to make multiple sends to pass all the data, but the isapi redirector is getting a close connection and only one message. Is there a configuration setting I need to set on either side to keep the connection open, or support multiple replies from the backend jboss, apache, tomcat world?

      The isapi plugin is running on an IIS web server windows 2003 IIS 6.
      It is communicating with a JBOSS based application server with an Apache/Tomcat web server to execute java servlets.