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    Sharing Jars or communication betw. web-applications

    Kevin L Newbie

      Hi, I m working on my final diploma thesis for my university and I encountered several big problems with my conception.

      I want to control a web-shop (J2EE application) via another web-application. The webshop has an own framework which supports the developer with diff. goodies. eg you can get all Products by : Productlist.getProductlist().
      This works within the web-shop application.

      I m looking for a way to access this application from another J2EE application.
      Eg. I got a clean web deployment in which I can access the data from the shop.

      ---> I need a way to get access to the other application. Is there a way to share the access?

      --> Maybe its a general problem, but I read sth bout Sharing References. I m not sure if this leads me to the conclusion.

      Any tips, suggestion would be really nice.

      Regards Kevin