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    Jasper compiler does not recognize variables declared by tag

    Purushotham Botla Newbie

      We are using Jboss 4.0.2 and defined a taglib which declares a variable validationDisplayStyle with AT_END scope as shown below -

      This tag is referenced in JSP Pages, for ex -
      <gems:validationMessageColor transactionID='<%=transactionID %>' attrCode='fee_type' currentStyle='width:251px;margin-left:3px;'/>

      Jasper, on compiling this JSP code, declares a validationDisplayStyle variable of String type, which can be referenced later in the page.

      But, in case of some jsp files (nothing special) it does not declare this variable. This causes JDT compiler to fail with unresolved symbol errors during compialtion of generated java file.

      This tag works perfectly fine in websphere 5.1 (JSP 1.2). Any help in resolving this issue will be appreciated.