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    ROOT.war using external directory

    Edmond Nolan Newbie


      Is it possible to configure the root web application under ROOT.war to use a directory external to JBoss? (e.g.) /opt/rootcontext/ We would like to keep our static pages outside JBoss. I know this is possible using JBoss & Apache but we want to use JBoss for dynamic and static content.

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          Javid Jamae Newbie

          AFAIK, you can delete the ROOT.war under the tomcat service archive directory and create your own ROOT.war file in the deploy directory. Then, you can configure the URLDeploymentScanner in the:


          and add the external path (/opt/rootcontext/) to the directories that the deployment scanner will scan. Then you would drop your ROOT.war file in the /opt/rootcontext/ directory.

          So theoretically, yes, you can create a ROOT.war file in a directory external to JBoss. But I've never tried it myself, so you'll have to verify. Let us know if it works.

          If it doesn't work, try doing the same thing by overriding the context setting in the jboss-web.xml file (rather than naming your application ROOT.war).