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    deactivate ajax4JSF code genereation to work on css

    Zied Hamdi Newbie

      Hi people there, I'm sure this feature isn't supported:

      I don't understand anything (almost) about css, so I'd like to make all ajax4jsf tags render blank code: pass by children code (shortcutten) as if they weren't there. That way I'll have a standard HTML page that I could pass on to css specialists to customize the design in standard HTML.

      The first idea I had, was to replace the jar file with another containg all tags of ajax4JSF pointing to the same class that renders nothing but its children. A more convenient solution could be to enable the "passby mode" through a parameter in web.xml.

      Until it will be developed, do you have any idea other than removing all ajax4jsf tags?

      Thanks ;-)
      Zied Hamdi

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          Not sure that understand you right .. :/

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            Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice

            If i understand right, what you want is to disable the a4j css style pages automatic generation, so you can append your own styles to the a4j / rich elements the way you want

            i would like to know if you find any "easy" way

            Another thing i propose is that the css style pages i include with the a4j:loadStyle tag, are included last in the list of css pages, so my styles have precedence over the ones automatically generated

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              Zied Hamdi Newbie

              Sorry I surely didn't explain clearely the problem:
              If you select on your browser "view source" on a page with ajax capabilities, you won't see a normal HTML code, but a set of javascript calls. On the other side, if you use standard JSF (ex. myfaces) you get simple HTML that you can send to a designer to make it look better through css manipulations (in his dreamweaver or whatever). You overrride the old css with the new one and you're done.

              Now! adding Ajax4JSF over your standard JSF application takes some time, if you want to change the look and feel after your app is complete, you can't give pages by right clicking on your browser and selecting "view source" because you'd get javascipt asynchronous calls instead of simple HTML.

              The good news are that you don't need to use Ajax4JSF tags instead of jsf tag but only around them, so we can imagine a sort of "desactivation" of the work done by Ajax4JSF tags to retreive the original JSF output before the A4J tags were added.

              The first idea of a "home solution" is to replace the jar file of a4j with one with an identical tld that outputs only children (that does as if the tag weren't there).

              The second "open source" approch is add a parameter in the list of a4j web.xml params to tell all tags : "do as if weren't there".