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    Http Session lost in Linux (SUSE LINUX)

    Gloria Gu Newbie

      We are using JBoss 4.0.1 on SUSE Linux Sever 9(i586) , we noticed that whenever user clicks different items on our web application, tomcat servlet container renders different http session ids so the objects set in the session got lost.

      For example user first clicks page Home, userName admin got set in the session, then the same user clicks page DiscoverySetup, new session comes up, when it tries to retrieve username, it has been gone.

      ControllerServlet-doHandleRequest: httpsession id = 0E6B272FDE584B4CED757CF57743BA79
      ControllerServlet-doHandleRequest: userName = admin page = Home

      ControllerServlet-doHandleRequest: httpsession id = B511D07B4C0EC1CBB85AFCF9D1EA5F48
      ControllerServlet-doHandleRequest: userName = null page = DiscoverySetup

      The same application runnin on windows is fine. It is also fine on RedHat Linux.

      Any idea on how to fix it? Do we need to apply patch for jboss or Suse? or any special tomcat configuration for Suse? Thanks



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          Alexandre Moratelli Newbie

          Hi Gloria,

          I use Jboss 4.0.2 and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3 (Taroon) and I have the same problem.

          If the web application run only in Tomcat in Windows, works fine. But in Jboss, the problem occurs in the change of a first to second page, but in the others access it works fine.

          The bad news is that I'm looking for a solution too.

          If anyone have a solution or a "light", post it.

          Thanks a lot,